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Water into hole


Humans have been in the pursuit of immortality for a very long time. No matter what anyone had tried, no success in that direction had followed. Consequenetly, giving up ensues. But, what if instead of eternal life, you can achieve prolonging your life as much as you wish!? Yes, you will eventually cease to live, but at least it will not be for only about hundred years or less, but much more, as long as you think you can handle it. Yes, this is the kicker. For how long do you think you can last? And even more importantly, what would you be willing to do for such opportunity? And the clue to this lies in the thing that not only keeps us alive, but is one of the components of life. Water. But, what happens when water is not enough? WATER IN THE HOLE


Hard binding
Body of the book - Color
Black and white

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28-09-2020 or 29-09-2020


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