Standard Cover Design

Price 26.00

Design of a Standard Cover will give you an amazing quality for a very cheap price. This is a template based design for the cover and this is a great service for all the authors that are new to this and don't have a lot of experience.

What's Included?

  • Eleven beautiful cover templates from which the author to choose from (look at the images at above)
  • The ability to add a custom color and images (images or illustrations), title for the book, author name and annotation at the back of the cover.
  • Two previews. If you plan you sell your book we will create the cover so it will be ready for distribution.
  • The back and front cover will be given as a separate JPEG files. This services don't include a design of the whole cover, spine or a hard cover design.
  • When the Standard Cover Design is included in your package for publishing we will create a colorful gamma which will be great match with your book cover and text inside.