Editorial Assessment

Price 6.24

Regardless of your target audience for your book, every reader enjoys and expects a book that is grammatically correct. You've put a lot of work into your book, but even the best writers overlook their own mistakes. Since the editorial quality of your book will ultimately determine your level of success, let us review your manuscript to ensure that it's the best possible product. Sorry, this service is not available for color books.

What's Included?

Our Editorial Assessment evaluates sections of your manuscript for its editorial quality and publishing readiness. A portion of your work (typically the first chapter, or about 1,700 words) will be edited to provide you with a specific sample edit. You will also receive a general overview of your manuscript and constructive comments towards improving your writing and book.

What You Need to Know?

An estimated time frame for your Editorial Assessment is two to three weeks. The editorial evaluator will recommend the services of an appropriate editorial specialist — from a Line Editor to Developmental Editor. You may then follow the reviewer's suggestions and purchase those services. Our Editorial Services staff will assign your book to a specialist who will address the issues raised in the Editorial Assessment and give your manuscript the professional attention that it would receive at a traditional publishing house. You may also choose to use your own freelance editor or make the recommended changes yourself. Not available for color books.