Our cause

Every author has his/her own readers. Our cause is every author to publish his/her book and reach to his/her readers.

That also includes our mission to re-publish every author that has died for more then 1953 years. Help us to re-publish those books so they can easily each the audience they deserve. So those books can be easily be found and read.

Editor/Author - You can help by editing and formatting the text. To thank you we will pay you 1 lv. for every 100 pages for every sell of the book you have work on. In other words if the book have 200 pages for every sell of this book we will pay you 2 lv. You will have a profile on our website and you will be able to follow the book sells which you have worked on. If you wish to help us please reach to us at classical@izdavam.com.

Graphical designer - You can help by creating a book cover design of the classical books we will re-publish. To thank you we will pay you 1 lv for every book that is sold which you have created the book cover for. If this is something you want to be included in please write to us at classical@izdavam.com


Thanks to our contributors who helped us with our cause :

Теодора Маринова

Айлин Ерол Али

Димитър Вангелов

Диана Генова