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Your book is a labor of love. You want your book to be perfect, and your readers deserve the best possible reading experience you can deliver. From a cover that catches your readers eye to editing to proofreading and everything in between, izdavam.com professional publishing services team will make your book a pleasure to look at, hold and read.

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Used services: Package service, ISBN registration, cover design and illustrations, editing, text formatting, spooky writer

As a young person who is new to this, I am very grateful to the people who dealt with my case, I know that it is not easy to work with me ... but I am really happy with the time and attention for my things. Yes I would definitely recommend to a friend even the prices are a bit unconventional but they are officially good. Other publishers inflate the prices a lot but they work with famous people and a larger audience ... I just don't like the fact that you need to register to order something ... it has to be a little freer ... but really everything else is great .. even communication with the people themselves is good.

Priklyucheniqta na Kejsi Rejbyl v galaktikata Lapis author of: Blagovest Jordanov