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By viewing and/or using this website (Website, Webpage, Internet page), you agree without any limitations to the return policy described below. If you do not agree with it, please do not use the services provided by the Website.   


This agreement is valid as of 01.10.2014 and is between, owned by Publishing agency Nima LTD (””) with address Bulgaria, Pleven, Dimitar Konstantinov 29 st. and Professional Services for, before and after Publishing (“Publishing”), and the registered users of (“Users”). Every service provided by and Publishing is a “Side”, collectively “Sides”.  

The users have the right to order professional services by and and is willing to deliver these services. The two Sides agree to the following:

Policy on realization and payments for professional services.

All professional services for Publishing provided by must be fully paid before the work on them starts. The order of all publishing services shows explicit consent with the Common policies of and deadlines. There are no exceptions. The Clients have 30 days after the date of the order to activate their service. An activation of the services, is considered, committed by the clients and accepted by through the format of the order or the information sent required for completion of the order. In case the client does not activate the service in the timeframe of 3- days, the service will be erased and there will not be an option for refund of the amount paid. After activation of the services, the client has 180 days to complete his project and this does not include any additional fees. If the client requires more than 180 days for completing the order, he should inform in written form through email. If the client has not completed the order in the timeframe of 180 days and has not informed in written form by email, the Client will lose the amount paid and will not have an option for refund. Please note that refunds will not be processed after work on an order or service has been started. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS, BY MAKING AN ORDER, THE CLIENT DECLARES THAT HE HAS READ, UNDERSTOOD AND AGREES WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICES.

The policy of is to collect payments with the purchase of a service or at the moment of receiving a product (book, magazine, calendar, etc). All payments must be made electronically, through Cash on delivery or wire transfer. accepts payments through paypal (all debit and credit cards), epay (all debit and credit cards), wire transfer and Cash on delivery (when receiving the product). All fraudulent or insufficient payments will cause immediate discontinuation on the acceptance and work on the current service.


Obligations of the client:

  1. The payment of the entire amount for the service before work in starts through the accepted payment methods of through the website accepts payments through paypal (all debit and credit cards), epay (all debit and credit cards), wire transfer and Cash on delivery (when receiving the product).

  2. To activate the service within 30 days after the purchase and provide the necessary materials and/or information for the start of the work on the purchased service. Instructions will be send to the registered email address of the Client, there should not be incomplete or incorrect information regarding the order of the services.

  3. The maintenance and use of an email address, which will be used as means for communication for all correspondence and notifications by In case the email address is changed, the client must update his information the website.

  4. The client must provide all required materials and files, required for the service, to allow the realization of the Professional Publishing Service. In case the client is unable to provide the required materials for any reason, and work on the project has not yet started, he can request through email a full refund of the amount paid within 30 days from the time of purchase of the service, minus a non-refundable administrative fee in the amount of 5 lv.

  5. Agrees to all additional payment, which may be required for completion of the desired service, if what is requested is outside the scope of the ordered service. In case the client requests additional services, which are not included in the original service order, he understands that they will not be realized unless they are paid for and receives the required amount for them. The client will be notified if payments would be required for the additional services.

  6. The client is obligated to notify in written form for any problems regarding his Product, after receiving it only in the following situations: After receiving it in place in our office, you must review the Product and if there is anything wrong you must notify us immediately or within 3 (three) days after receiving the product. This includes problems with the technical manufacture of the book (including pages loose from the staple and/or unstuck pages, but does NOT include: inaccuracies in the colors, problems with font sizes, problems with the format of the Product, all spelling and grammatical and alike errors.). Only then you have the right to return the Product and request a refund or reprint of the Product.


Obligations of

  1. To follow the guidelines and protocol of manufacture for the selected service.

  2. To notify the Client through email if any of the provided by the client materials are incomplete, inaccurate, erroneous or inappropriate for manufacture with the ordered service or product.

  3. A method for downloading of all completed files regarding the service (ordered from the “Services” section on the Website) in the profile of the current client of or by email (if, for technical or other reasons the files cannot be sent, the Client must visit an office of the company the receive them on a working removable disk provided by the Client) and the sending of a gallery copy in case of publishing a new book or a Package service order (from the “Services” section of the Website). In case the client is unable to fulfill the approval requirements of, all his projects and/or orders will be considered  APPROVED after 30 days from the given notification.

  4. The upload of an up-to-date PDF file of the book in the profile of the client in section “All books”->”Name of the book->” in, when the service has been completed or the gallery copy has been sent to the Client

  5. Store the files for the services for 21 days after the approval of the project. will erase all files after the period of 21 days. Files related project of publishing will remain unchanged and will not be erased.

  6. Manufacture of the services according to The terms and conditions of the Website and return policy of



From all clients, without exclusions, additional payments may be required for any work, which is outside the scope of the original conditions and services from the order of the current service.    

In case that determines that for the project is required additional work, outside of what is included in the service package and what the client has ordered from The client will be contacted for discussion of the additional work and the additional required payments. No work on the project will be realized before the payment to is completed in the entire amount. After the client has made an order for a service, will update the status of the order with work on the project.

In case of non-payment or refund of payment, the project will be erased. If the client decides not to pay for additional expenses outside of the original order, will not offer a refund and will finish the project as it has been originally ordered.

For questions, complaints or anything else, please contact your Service Coordinator (from the staff) IMMEDIATELY and send a copy to, to allow find a solution to your issue.  

All requests for changes, following the approval of the will have to be made through the order of a new service. is not responsible for the content of the materials or their copyright.

After the order of a service the Terms and Conditions and the Policy on returns are applicable. reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions and the Policy on returns at any time without without personally notifying the clients of the website. This agreement is valid for an unlimited period of time. With the use of all Users agree to the return policy of


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