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When you need online visibility for your book, our Blitz Publishing Package can get the job done. This package will equip you with a website and promotional materials to reach your target audience, and you're also eligible for promotion to's social communities of more than 1,000 authors and publishing industry professionals. For color books, you'll receive 50 image insertions to complement your story, so you can present the book of your dreams to readers.

What's Included?

One-on-One Author Support

We will personally contact you in a way convenient for you and we will discuss all the details of the selected package.

Global Distribution

Your book will be available for sale from our online bookstore.

Registration of ISBN and COBISS number

We will prepare the documents and register your book to obtain an ISBN. We will also send the required books that need to be deposited in the national library and your book will also receive a COBISS number.

Author Volume Discounts

We will provide you with an additional discount for each order made through our platform.

Custom Cover - Elite

We will make an individual cover of your book according to the selected package.

Complimentary Author Copy

You will receive a free copy of your book.

Available for Paperback Books

We will prepare the files so that your book can be printed in both paperback and hardcover.

Sold in eBook format

We will prepare a .mobi e-format of your book.

Image Insertions for Black & White/Color Books - 10/50

If you have selected images that you want to be included in your book, we will include them and prepare the file for printing and electronic version.

Editing - Budget up to 250 lv.

We will edit your book, but if the chosen package budget for editing exceeds the amount you have to pay for editing you have to pay the difference. For example if you have chosen the Debut package and the amount for editing is 90 lv. you do not have to pay any extra, but if the amount is 110 lv. in this case you need to pay the difference which is 10 lv.

Interior Book Design and Layout - Maximum

We will format the look of the inner pages of your book according to the selected package.

Editorial Review

We will choose the most suitable person from our team according to the genre, who will read your book and write a review of your book.

Cover Copy Polish

Your book will be placed on the homepage for advertising and more visits.

Promotional Materials - 200

Your promotional materials will include business cards, bookmarks (3.5 x 20 cm) and postcards (11 x 15 cm).

Post for your book made by Instagram influencer - 2

Post for your book made an a selected by us Instagram Influencer

Paperback Copies - 40

We will print and send the specified copies of the package in paperback

Hardcover Copies - 10

We will print and send the specified pieces of the package in hardcover

Subs for authors - Laureate

Includes: Minimum discount for each order, Books on home page (Shuffled) and Badge next to your name. Note: if there are same services on both packages then those services are ignored. For 1 year period.

Deposit books

By law you must deposit 3 copies of your book to the National Library of Bulgaria if the ISBN number is assign in Bulgaria and you used one of the packages provided by us. If this is the case we will print and send those 3 copies to the National Library at your behalf, so you do not need to do that for free.